FY 2017 Detailed City Payments (CSV)

URL: https://phl.carto.com/api/v2/sql?q=SELECT+*+FROM+city_payments_fy2017&filename=city_payments_fy2017&format=csv&skipfields=cartodb_id,the_geom,the_geom_webmercator

This dataset includes checks and ACH (direct deposit) payments made by the City during the fiscal year, which runs from July 1st 2016 through June 3oth 2017. Sensitive data not included: Some payments have been removed from this dataset for security, privacy, or other legal confidentiality reasons. Please see the city payments aggregates dataset for transaction totals by department, character code, sub-object code, and document reference number prefix for all payments including those that were removed from the full payments dataset. Please note that due to the removed payments, totals from the two datasets will not match.

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Created March 13, 2019
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