COVID Tests and Cases

For greatest accuracy, please use the latest dataset for all analysis and reporting as opposed to any data you downloaded prior to September 29, 2020. All datasets now reflect counts from test collection dates instead of the previously displayed result dates. To keep things clear, the field name in the COVID Outcome by Date files also changed from 'Result_Date' to 'CollectionDate.' These changes will adjust, for example, the count of cases for each day. PDPH has also added 376 confirmed COVID-19 cases (positive tests) that were previously missing from the data.

Deidentified, aggregate datasets showing COVID tests by date, zip, and outcome and cases by race, age or sex. To protect the confidentiality of residents, PDPH suppresses the exact data for any categories that have less than 6 counts (i.e. of tests or fatalities).

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Created April 24, 2020, 15:21 (UTC)


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