Crime Incidents

Crime incidents from the Philadelphia Police Department. Part I crimes include violent offenses such as aggravated assault, rape, arson, among others. Part II crimes include simple assault, prostitution, gambling, fraud, and other non-violent offenses.

This dataset previously had separate endpoints for various years and types of incidents. These have since been consolidated into a single dataset.

Please note that this is a large dataset and therefore CSV and SHP files might give an error when you try to download them. If possible, use the API link below, instead of CSV/SHP formats, to access the data. If you can't use the API and you have trouble downloading the full CSV or SHP files, we’ve split up the dataset by year. Please be sure to download data for all of the years to see the full dataset. You can learn more about how to use the API at Carto’s SQL API site and in the Carto guide in the section on making calls to the API.

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Maintainer Mike Urciuoli
Created April 21, 2016, 22:27 (UTC)
department Police Department


Trouble downloading or have questions about this dataset? Visit the OpenDataPhilly Discussion Group.