GreatSchools (Phila. only)

GreatSchools is an online database of school locations and relevant information, including metrics submitted by school districts and government agencies and school reviews submitted by individual users. Schools within the database include public, charter, and private schools Users can search for schools by name, district, county, or zip code to view an overall rating and metrics, including test scores, demographics (enrollment), and area statistics. Through registration, users can submit their own reviews, receive grade-by-grade tips, and participate in/access reserved articles and features on education-related topics. Users can also access school/education data by structuring customized data request processes (API). Free registration entails interactivity and extra privileges (comment/review capability; participation in community forum, customized, detailed grade-by-grade tips; and in-depth article access.)

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Created December 8, 2014, 22:01 (UTC)
Area of Interest U.S. (National)
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Usage Public Use; Free Free registration entails interactivity and extra privilegesAPI structuring requires key, by request


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