Complaints Against Police

As part of the Philadelphia Police Department's (PPD) accountability processes, PPD publishes two datasets: The Complaints Against Police (CAP) dataset documents the civilian complaints alleging police misconduct and the CAP Findings dataset provides demographic details of the police officer involved, the allegations, and the status of the PPD's Internal Affairs Division's investigation of and findings (if available) about the allegation.

Removal of complainant's dataset: As part of its transparency and accountability commitment, the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) initially began posting CAP datasets (information) in 2017: 1.) a table of each complaint against a police officer, 2.) a table tracking the investigative status and findings for each complaint, 3.) and a table of the race, sex, and age of each person who filed a complaint against a police officer, by date and complaint number.

However, there were concerns about whether the table showing demographic data (information) of each complainant may unintentionally expose and deter people from filing complaints. So the PPD has changed what it posts about people who file Complaints Against Police (CAP). It does not include complainant details in order to safeguard a complainant’s actual and perceived sense of security when filing a CAP. The department wants a system that supports people’s willingness to report complaints against police.

Includes data from the past five years. Updated monthly.

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