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  • COVID Deaths

    Deidentified, aggregate datasets showing COVID deaths by date, zip, or age. To protect the confidentiality of residents, PDPH suppresses the exact data for any categories that...
  • COVID Cases

    Deidentified, aggregate datasets showing COVID cases by date, zip, age, or sex. To protect the confidentiality of residents, PDPH suppresses the exact data for any categories...
  • Tobacco Retailer Permits

    Retailers apply for a tobacco permit through an online application system, entering name, address, and other relevant business information. These data are cleaned and stored in...
  • Philadelphia Beverage Tax Registered Distributors and Dealers

    This dataset provides a list of businesses that have registered as sweetened beverage distributors or dealers that file and pay the tax. The search application built off of this...
  • Future Years of Supervision

    Future years of supervision by police district or citywide.
  • Arrests

    Daily arrest data by district and citywide from January 2014 - October 2019.
  • Case Length

    Case length (aka 'time to disposition') by police district or citywide.
  • Future Years of Incarceration

    Future years of incarceration data by police district or citywide.
  • Charges

    Daily charges by police district or citywide.
  • Case Outcomes

    Daily case outcomes by police district or citywide.
  • Bail

    Daily arrest data by district and citywide.
  • Neighborhood Food Retail

    This dataset is derived from the Neighborhood Food Retail in Philadelphia report. The report, and accompanying online resource gallery, looks at neighborhood availability of...
  • Affordable Housing Production

    The Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) provides funding to developers that are building or renovating affordable homes. These homes are available for sale, for...
  • ARCHIVED: Philadelphia Food Access

    The datasets below have been archived and will not receive further updates, but remain available for reference. The up-to-date and more comprehensive Neighborhood Food Retail...
  • City Payments

    This dataset includes checks and ACH (direct deposit) payments made by the City during the fiscal year, which runs from July 1st 2016 through June 31st 2017. Please see full...
  • PHLmaps

    The City of Philadelphia's ArcGIS Online organization that hosts references to open data releases as feature services and AGO map applications shared with the public....
  • OpenMaps

    Explore Philadelphia's most popular open geographic data in one easy to use mapping tool. This tool was built by the City's Office of Innovation and Technology's CityGeo team....
  • Community Health Assessment, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

    The Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a systematic assessment of population health in Philadelphia, highlighting key public health challenges and assets and informing local...
  • Homes Saved

    To prevent homeowners from becoming homeless due to foreclosure, the City initiated the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program, an innovative program that links a...
  • Census Blocks

    The basic unit of aggregation published by the US Census Bureau. Population statistics published for redistricting are distributed at the block level. In an urban area, this...
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