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  • COVID Cases

    Deidentified, aggregate datasets showing COVID cases by date, zip, age, or sex. To protect the confidentiality of residents, PDPH suppresses the exact data for any categories...
  • COVID Deaths

    Deidentified, aggregate datasets showing COVID deaths by date, zip, or age. You can find COVID cases datasets here. To protect the confidentiality of residents, PDPH suppresses...
  • Vital Events 2003 - 2016

    Annual number of births and deaths by census tract and by zipcode. Trouble downloading or have questions about this City dataset? Visit the OpenDataPhilly Discussion Group
  • 311 Service and Information Requests

    This represents all service and information requests since December 8th, 2014 submitted to Philly311 via the 311 mobile application, calls, walk-ins, emails, the 311 website or...
  • PPR Permittable Space

    Locations within PPR that are permittable based on PPR team. Feature designed to link with Permitting Application for PPR. BETA Version. Trouble downloading or see errors with...
  • PPR Playgrounds

    Displays the locations of playgrounds within PPR Boundaries. Playgrounds ARE designated as similar age range equipment within a definable distance (not each piece of equipment).
  • PPR Tree Canopy

    2018 data: This dataset was developed as part of an Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) assessment for Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. It shows how tree canopy changed during the period...
  • PPR Tennis Courts

    Displays the locations of tennis courts located within properties maintained by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR).
  • PPR Picnic Sites

    Displays the locations of picnic sites located within Philadelphia Parks and Recreation boundaries. Picnic sites are denoted as any location with a picnic table.
  • Tobacco Retailer Permits

    Retailers apply for a tobacco permit through an online application system, entering name, address, and other relevant business information. These data are cleaned and stored in...
  • PWD Sewersheds

    A sewershed is the area of land where all the sewers flow to a single end point, in most cases it is a regulator/permitted outfall, but in cases when the flow can be split...
  • Complaints Against Police

    As part of the Philadelphia Police Department's (PPD) accountability processes, PPD publishes three datasets: The Complaints Against Police (CAP) dataset documents the civilian...
  • Philadelphia Beverage Tax Registered Distributors and Dealers

    This dataset provides a list of businesses that have registered as sweetened beverage distributors or dealers that file and pay the tax. The search application built off of this...
  • Future Years of Supervision

    Future years of supervision by police district or citywide.
  • Arrests

    Daily arrest data by district and citywide from January 2014 - October 2019.
  • Case Length

    Case length (aka 'time to disposition') by police district or citywide.
  • Future Years of Incarceration

    Future years of incarceration data by police district or citywide.
  • Charges

    Daily charges by police district or citywide.
  • Case Outcomes

    Daily case outcomes by police district or citywide.
  • Bail

    Daily arrest data by district and citywide.