Your source for open data in the Philadelphia region

OpenDataPhilly is a catalog of open data in the Philadelphia region. In addition to being the official open data repository for the City, it includes data sets from many organizations in the region.

Recent Additions

  • Building Footprints

    Planimetric Coverage containing the delineation of buildings or related structure outlines that represent the footprints of buildings within the City of Philadelphia. Trouble...
  • Accuplus Project Spring 2010

    Tiled orthogonal imagery of the City of Philadelphia created from nadir imagery. The data was originally collected for use in orthorectification of ortho mosaics and oblique...
  • Pennypack Park Trail Map

    This is a map of trails in Pennypack Park, Lorimer Park and Pennypack Trust located in Northeast Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA. Trails were identified and collected...